Sunday, June 3, 2007

The idea...

Hello everyone, I'm Sean Claes

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As you have read in Trevor Lane's post below, this is going to be a collaborative effort with people who we know and respect in the music business. Sometimes we'll post messages we see as important, sometimes we my print interviews, sometimes we'll invite someone to join who shares a unique perspective.

The Outlaw Gang was born many many years ago. First as GooRu Entertainment in the mid 1990s... then as The Outlaw Gang in the early 2000s. We bring it to a blog now because we're at the point in our career that it just makes sense to try and prevent good people from making fundamental mistakes, and we feel that we've paid enough for it already... so why make others that we feel could Make A Difference pay (emotionally, physically, or financially) as well.

We are based out of Oklahoma and Texas.. and although Texas did try to sever itself from Oklahoma (you've heard the jokes... the ditch was dug... everything was planned out perfectly... but they failed to separate the two states because us Texans forgot a simple truth that prevented the states from moving away from each other... Oklahoma Sucks.) we get along great.

I love Oklahoma by the way... I just can't NOT tell a good joke. I'd say "sue me" but there's way too many lawyers reading this. That said... if there's a good music lawyer out there that can give advice (yes I said lawyer and give in the same sentence) hit us up here.

So, hello. Hope you enjoy. If you have any questions... ask us. We're here.

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