Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Song Game

I interviewed Austin indie musician Matt The Electrician for the July issue of INsite - Austin's Monthly Entertainment Magazine which will be out Friday, July 6, 2007.

While chatting with him, I asked about this Song Game he has been a part of for years. The basis of the game is, someone E-mails a list of musicians a song title at the beginning of the week, and in seven days they must write an original song with that title. Song titles have included "China Airline," "Left Coast," or "Love on the Moon." All of these ended up on Matt The Electrician albums by the way.

I mention this because I see a lot of bands who get themselves into a rut. I'll bet you've heard the saying "you have your whole life for your first album, and 6 months for the second." Well, most people aren't always writing, and if you are a songwriter, you must practice. Challenging yourself to write a song a week is amazing. After a year, you get 52 songs. That is 52 nuggets of music that wouldn't have lived if not for the game.

It's easier to rewrite and polish something you already have in your hand. If you are in a band, you've got friends who are songwriters in other bands. Why not start a group and begin your own songwriters group... write a song a week.

Keep yourself always fresh. Always thinking. Always moving forward.
If you start that group, let me know. I'd love to hear some tracks.

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De Infami said...

This is more than brilliant. It's also a production and promotional strategic move. First, it open the creative channels when you've got writer's block, after your career is under way. Second, labels (and indie artists) are required to have and build a "catalog" - which is a collection of works. Third, a catalog is like a bank account - hello! these songs are worth money!

Last, by circulating your name among other artists and throwing song titles around..... its a promotional good move. It keeps your name fresh in the right circles.

I remain, De Infami