Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Details to come... Party to follow...May 24, 2008

Click the following 3 words to Check my blog... there's a storm a brewing... and it's going to ROCK.

Be a part of it....

Not So Secret Event - May 24, 2008

So here's the thing. The Outlaw Gang, (Trevor Lane and Sean Claes), and Damien "Damn The Man" is going to be throwing an anti-industry concert. This one will be for the people who love music, by people who love music, and to benefit everyone.... Check the MySpace page below to get more information. Please join in... be a friend... and if you're in a band who can make it to the Tulsa, OK area on May 24, 2008.... maybe you can play!

More details to come as details are available...

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De Infami said...

We're gonna have a BASH of a time. Don't miss out!