Saturday, February 9, 2008

How to be a real band!

Take a look at Timbaland's new deal to verify what The Outlaws have said in this blog. According to, he celebrating a new move in releasing music. To quote the website, "The magazine co-sponsored the party with Verizon Wireless to celebrate Timbaland's deal with the carrier to create a mobile album and content for the network." A mobile album??? That's right!

I find this funny after having a heated debate with someone about what makes a real band. The antagonist said, "You must have a CD in stores, you must have a gold or platinum album, you must have a sharp-looking website with your own dot com, and you must be known and/or searchable on the web." Some of this I agree with..... Some of this is pure delusion.

Some of the comments made by the antagonist like having a CD in stores is debatable. I see where he's going and what I believe he wanted to say is that having a CD in multiple terra based stores adds credibility to a product. However, I must say that there are plenty of indie artists in the world that are making a killing on the internet with music sales. It's sad to say, but "video really has killed the radio star." TV and mass media have distorted the real world of music in such a way that it has children dreaming of "bling." I know this because of my ongoing work with a variety of diverse children.

The cold harsh reality is that hard work pays off, and you have to be selling your music every chance you get - even if its at your church or local flea market. In this day and age of the digital domain, its easier to get your name and music out to the WORLD.

As Sean Claes repeatedly says about the music business in this day and age, "Lead. Follow. Or Die." Thats The Outlaw way so guess what we are doing.