Thursday, May 15, 2008

Backwoods Bash - Line-up and Album Release

You know what... this is our blog and we can promote our stuff too.... so...

How does 20 songs from independent bands who were hand-picked to play the First Ever Backwoods Bash in Oklahoma for only $5 sound to you ?

How about if I told you I helped select the bands?
The bands are playing for free.
The concert benefits charity.
The sales from the digital downloads will go to the bands for their gas money to and from the show.

Would you buy it then?

OK... what if I assure you the music is good... or next time I see you, you can ask for the $5 back?

Here's the skinny:
Each band has also donated music for an Album Backwoods Bash 2008 – Good Music. Good People. Good Times that was released on on Tuesday, May 5, 2008. For the next 90 days, this 20-song album will be available for a $5 digital download. "We want to make sure everyone has a chance to listen to these great bands. Most of money raised from the downloads will go right back to the bands in order to pay for their gas and expenses," Trevor Lane said. "These guys are coming from as far away as Dallas and Austin on their own dime."

Fine folks everywhere will be downloading the album by visiting and clicking on the "add MP3 to cart" button.

The Official Line-up for the 2008 Backwoods Bash
Noon - Will Porter (
1:00PM - Greg Schroeder (
2:00PM - Joel Wade (
3:00PM - Steve Liddell (
4:00PM – ValerieStar (
5:00PM - Cannonball Sunday (
6:00PM - The Banner Year (
7:00PM - Somewhat Lucky (
8:00PM - Full Service (
9:00PM – Ghosts (

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De Infami said...

The $5 download special has ended. This album is now available for a little bit more but everything still goes to the bands and charities.