Thursday, May 1, 2008

Does High School Talent REALLY EXIST?

The element of young talent these days is amazing - especially in light of technology. I hope to be posting some video footage as we work on production of the album for the winners of the CSU and TCC High School Talent Show! The participants were brave, daring, and amazing at times. It made me really wonder if its possible for a bunch of young talent to REALLY have what it takes to make something of themselves. Time will tell with this event, but rest assured that radio, TV, and other local media and corporate sponsors believe in this thing.

Let me introduce a couple of great guys to our local scene, Ben Sumner and Pastor Mike Hill. Nuf said.... these guys know music and understand the importance of news worthy opportunities. They have been quick and kind to sponsor a high school based talent show coordinated and organized by young students (Citizen Student Union or CSU). With commercials on the local TV network, Ben Sumer helped to couple the talent contest with an educational element filled with cash prizes, giveaways, a live DJ, and information about scholarships.

What do you think? Can a group of undeveloped youngsters pull it off?????

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