Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Heard It Here First - Viral WOM.

As we labored over our first concert, The Backwoods Bash, I have been debating the topic of my next article. Then, I received an email from a newsletter from...... well, this is where it gets tricky and the reason for this blog. Let me digress by saying, "We are about to experience a world of 'Viral WOM' but like any virus you can mostlikely be traced back to the "source."

Yes, "Viral WOM" is a very calculated and strategic new term of art (and a little bit of science)!

It seems some folks like what we write about here, and then try to kipe the ideas as their own, put them in newsletters, and present it at a conference or tell their other professional friends. I must say that mimicry is the HIGHEST form of flattery because my "date stamp" predates yours - at least give credit where credit is due. Be infectious.

What is "Viral WOM" you may ask? Well, let me tell you what it isn't. According to my google search before writing this article, "Viral WOM" is not:
  1. Viral / WOM
  2. Viral, WOM
  3. viral/wom or
  4. viral, WOM.
"Viral WOM" is exactly what it appears to be and is not found in a google search prior to now. Viral WOM is data driven, strategic, analytic, yet flexible and adaptable. In other words, your WOM must be viral and infectious like STD-M.

Now that I'm done busting the balls of the idea hijackers, let me speak plain English and give you some more ideas and examples, especially for your upcoming conferences and non-profit "educational foundation." Remember, you have to value every relationship that you build in this industry, if you're going to stick around for the "long haul." Thus, you have to be very realistic, sensible, and strategic about those relationships and how you are going to maintain those connections. Folks, a marriage is said to be a "full time job" (although I would assert it's that plus overtime) and all of your professional connections need some level of attention, too. Then, let's throw children into the mix because they have the world's largest spending power. So, now we are talking about alot of "grass roots" efforts and energy like running a triathalon or clubbing all night, but spread out over time. Ha!

Now, time for some REAL life examples. These are "Viral WOM" examples that are INDIE in a MAJOR WAY:,,,,,


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