Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A few words to read.. from Austin's 93.3 DJ, Duce

While out there in Internetland, I came across an Austin DJ's MySpace Blog and his words are Outlaw-like... so I thought I'd share his thoughts on how an artist can and should promote. The DJ is from Hot 93.3FM in Ausitn. His name is Duce.

The following is directly posted from his MySpace page.
We agree Duce. Hope we get to meet you at some point.
Okay, so I wrote a blog before about how artist's can better themselves on getting closer to reaching that goal of becoming a superstar. Here I go again. I hope you listen.

1. Be an full time artist. What I mean is this, don't be an artist only when it's cool. Like when SXSW comes around or Texas Relays. If you want to make it, you have to be out there all year. Not just when a big event is going on.

2. Have product. If you haven't put out a cd or mixtape or single, please do ASAP. It just looks good to have physical product to show people. It just makes you look like your serious.

3. Have representation. And I do not mean your homeboy that has your back. I mean someone who's deal is to represent you in a professional manner. At the end of the day this is a business and the majority people that you are going to deal with are professional older people who don't have time for games.

4. Control your crew. I CAN'T STAND "FRIENDS" OF ARTIST'S. These are the people who just might be your friends, girlfriends, cousins, etc. But they can get annoying if they are trying to: A. Expect to be important cause they know you. B. Be the annoying mascot. It's one thing to be down, but it's another thing to be over zealous.

5. Know when your cd is in the hands of the radio station. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. You record a song, then have all your homeboys call the radio station and request it. DO NOT DO THIS. For two reasons, a. if they radio doesn't have your song, they obviously can't play it., b. if A LOT of people are calling for something that no one has never heard of, it looks pretty obvious as to what is going on and you may annoy a dj who won't want to deal with you in the future.

6. Don't waste a dj's time. If you set up a meeting with a dj or programmer, once again be professional. Arrive on time. And if you say you are going to do something, do it. For example, I'll call next week to follow up, etc. If you don't, it will be noticed.

7. Don't think you are special because you are local. Just because you are local doesn't mean you are not still in competition with Snoop Dogg, Soulja Boy and every other major label artist out there. What should inspire you is the fact that since you're local you make yourself more known to them in your market. Use that to your advantage.

8. Use the internet to your advantage. The world is smaller than it ever has been. You can find fans anywhere. Use YouTube, Myspace, and chat rooms to your utmost advantage. Think about it. If you get enough fans on your own, you can make a living by selling cd's on your own website worldwide.

Now let all that marinate.

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