Saturday, September 27, 2008

The T-Shirt Company Designers Charge YOU for using

Let's have a little clarity.
There's a designer who is creating the artwork for your band's t-shirt. This designer is also going to "do you the favor" of finding a t-shirt printing company who can print your 1-color, 1-sided shirts art the "low low cost" of just $7 a shirt..maybe $6. 2-sided at about $9-$10. Then there's shipping and handling...set-up charges...and other things you have to consider.

Don't take that designers word for it. Make sure you make the agreement that you will purchase the design..all of the files and everything that is associated with it... and find your own printer.

Then go here:

It's where this designer will likely go... and make some extra money off of you.

20 shirts for $100 = $5 a shirt.
No shipping... no set-up charges... no extra costs.
Def-Star. It's what DIY folks in the know use.

Now you know too. Tell 'em Sean Claes with INsite Magazine sent ya. Why? Well.. I get a few bonus shirts every time someone drops my name... and I could use some new shirts.

Heck.. if you send me your band t-shirt (XL) I'll likely wear it. I like to promote smart DIY bands. Just shoot me a message on INsite's MySpace and I'll get you the address.

That's the Outlaw way.

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