Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Bands of Middle America

Without a doubt, some of the best bands are tucked away and undiscovered in Middle America. I have been consumed with my day job, writing a book, and planning for the Backwoods Bash so I'm taking a little break to share some thoughts and experiences as we kick off the 2nd Annual Backwoods Bash.

As the music business struggles as an industry, there seems to be a surge and influx of rising "indie" or independent bands because more and more artists are taking matters into their own hands and seeking out opportunities rather than waiting on a hand out from a major label. Since we are not as influenced as the east or west coasts, our music tends to have stronger arrangements, interesting melodies, underlying tones, and vocals that you will not hear on radio in most cases.

Due to the disconnect with music politics, our artists and producers in Middle America tend to operate without the stresses and confines offered by elitists perpetuating a structured business model. The thriving independent music scene in Austin is proof of what is emerging throughout the rest of Middle America. Austin, Texas has set a standard as the "Indie Music Capitol of the World" and it seems to be spreading - little by little.

Look out major labels....... Middle America is on the rise. And, the Outlaw Entertainment Group is "INDIE in a MAJOR WAY."

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