Friday, October 30, 2009

Indie in a Major way - Full Service.

One of the things at the heart of the Outlaw Gang is spreading the love of good music and good musicians who know what goal oriented outside the box promotion is.

So, Austin's Full Service did a "Takeover Tour" last year where they followed the 311 / Snoop Dogg tour. They had a plan. Follow the tour and set up in the parking lot (no permission from venue) and play a set for the people showing up for the show. The idea? gain new fans and get noticed. They printed up thousands of CD demos to give out... made a mobile takeover unit.. and brought along a video crew for a documentary. They weren't messing around.

They began by having a press conference.

They did a lot of promo and press. They recorded their takeovers on video (below) and kept a diary of the journey.

Here's a Youtube video they did from the Atlanta Takeover:

Some shows went well.. some were shut down.. but they tracked the progess and learned a lot. Also....Word got back to 311's folks... and when 311 came through again they invited Full Service to open for them 3 nights (Springfield, Tulsa, and Austin). Not in the parking lot... but ON STAGE.

THEN... after it was all said and done. They had caught the ear of 311.. they opened for them in Austin on stage at Austin Music Hall... they got a lot of press. What did they do next?

They headed back out the did another takeover.
VIDEO: Full Service properly executes a takeover in the parking lot of the Austin Music Hall outside the Matisyahu & Les Claypool 6/9/09. It net them free tickets to the show. Here they are performing "Don't Deny" off of 2008's The Dig.

They continue to make moves that keep fans entertained and when they get on stage they impress most who see them. They are a perfect example of a band that is Indie in a Major Way.

Here's a Full Service short... when they were preparing for a September show at Stubbs.

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