Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twenty-Ten, Dub Ten, Y2KX??

I had to take the first post in the new year..... as the subject line suggests, setting trends and spreading the word is crucial. As I predicted (quite some time ago) word of mouth (WOM) campaigns and any business modeled around WOM will be able to leverage investors, sponsors, donors, advertisers, and free floating money in society with ANY CAPITALIST who has a brain.
As the fads fade in and out, WOM is here to stay regardless of what is will be labeled or coined in the future, as anything morphoses and changes or adapts to a new environment: Evolution. Thus, I say evolution REVOLUTION.

May the proverbial, promotional grass roots grow and the word of mouth continue to talk the talk to the winds of time. This has lead to the ongoing success of many "Do It Yourself" (DIY) bands and our event, the Backwoods Bash Music Festival.

So, in the spirit of shameless promotions, tell a friend to tell a friend that the key-word on iTunes and is "Backwoods Bash" and they can buy an amazing copy of some of our region's best talent in their respective markets. Hopefully, your purchases and promotions will help the future bands get record deals and more live gigs to support and feed their families.

Value the craft: Each One Teach One. I remain, INDIE in a MAJOR way, The Outlaw Way.

Peace, Trev

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