Friday, June 4, 2010

We Did It Again in Twenty-ten: Backwoods Bash

Dear Friends, thanks for helping Matt and me accomplish the impossible this weekend with an event to celebrate independence, music, and our freedoms to be Americans who can worship in a variety of ways and honor our veterans. A special thanks to the Comanche Codetalkers, Cheyenne-Arapahoe, and Lenape Singers for their contribution to the worship service and support over the years with the veterans ceremony.

Many said we would never be successful without a huge budget. However, a lot of sweat-equity, work ethic, and passion for independent music, set the tone and we did it again in Twenty-ten just like we said we would. I realize the support you have given Matt and me over the years with my Outlaw vision. Matt and I teamed up “Outlaw Style” to formalize our efforts because we saw the realization that Middle America and Oklahoma in particular has A LOT OF UNRECOGNIZED TALENT. As Matt said in an interview last week regarding 100+ national submissions, “The judges voted and the Oklahoma Sound prevailed.” Most of you know that I have been doing music production or promotions for 13 years and have seen just about everything there is to the music business – most recently sitting in Frank Sinatra’s old office with my wife and a good friend in NYC while talking politics about the state of the business; record companies must change to embrace their artists or die. Matt Jostes has 11 years of festival experience and expertise to add to that mix, which is why we can cater to the artists and serve the fans with a wonderful mix of good tunes!

I realized a very long time ago when I started Outlaw Entertainment in 1997 that it was time to go against the grain and not play by the rules yet work within the confinements of industry standards and best-practices. Many people thought it would never work. Then, a few years ago Matt and I joined forces. Under my old record label, I helped produce, develop, and sell 6 out of 7 bands to independent and major labels before taking a “real job” with benefits as my mother would say. This was an average of 1 band every two years. Now, Matt and I are in the business of developing 30 bands a year while providing them with a bona-fide outlet and real industry exposure. The music we have produced and promoted can be found in the All Music Guide as well as on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and the Verizon Network.

The past no longer matters because the future of music is here now for independent music and festivals like the Backwoods Bash Music and Camping Festival. Our families have sacrificed and been frustrated with the level of commitment we have passionately put into the Backwoods Bash Music and Camping Festival. This year it finally resulted in what we always knew would happen……………… when music and water meet head to head with friends and family on Memorial Day Weekend. With your support, others are now trying to mimic us and compete. What these people do not realize is this is not a competition and we will stand the test of time. I know this.

The Backwoods Bash is about: Good music. Good people. Good Times.

I am speaking for Matt and am most sure he would agree with everything in this letter. I am also speaking for our friends Damien Hartzell, Sean Claes, Gerald Hacker, Brad Cook, Chuck Taylor, Kyle Heideman, Amadae Clark, Court and JC Egger at Thundermoon Ranch (the midwives as they have been coined), our families, and most importantly, Sean Clark who jumped on board last year to form the three amigos with Matt and me. These friends have been very instrumental in supporting and motivating us when we were down; if I forgot to mention you it is only because I’m exhausted and a bit delirious from heat exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Regardless, I look forward to finding ways to work with everyone again in the future!

Again, thank you all for believing, supporting, and promoting a great cause Backwoods style like a real Outlaw to support the Make a Difference Foundation.

Sincerely, Trevor C Lane

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